It's not that we don't know what we need to do to look after ourselves. It's just that we don't always know how to do it at the same time as everything else.

In today's world of work, we need to be able to do great things and we must do them constantly, simultaneously, on demand, with no preparation and all with great style and eloquence. And we must uphold this level of attainment again and again, day after day. Elementful philosophy asks 'Is this sustainable? Is it humanly possible to run ourselves at maximum day in day out? Or are we asking ourselves to be superhuman? How can we sustain our greatness?'


Elementful's framework of the critical human elements, logically orders all that must be attended to in order to be our whole selves and be able to sustain our greatness. We believe that in order to be superhuman, we must first be human. The latest advice on health and wellbeing fads is not enough without a construct for helping us choose what to apply and when. Feeling well and functioning well is organised logically into 6 key 'elements', each with 10 specific 'metrics' which the individual learns to scan and then move as operational levers.


Acuity comes from visually laying out who we are and what we need. We become empowered by choices on where to build strength and where to best load effort or resource to create balance across our unique 'Elemental map' over time.

With this learned insight of our own human elements we can identify what we need to do to sustain our whole selves.

"We must practice awareness of self, be tactical in the preservation of self, courageously managing our own capabilities with insight, boundaries, flexibility and fierce discipline."

- Charity Robinson, Founder of Elementful


Passionate about making the world of work better, we work with HR and leaders to use 'The Elements' to get specific about the human heartbeat of the organisation. We'll spend time with you and objectively report on insights and practical recommendations against each of the six Elements that comprise feeling well and functioning well. Be supported with your wellbeing agenda.


Specialists in how adults learn and develop, we use charismatic training to explore the curriculum of 'The Elemental Framework'. The Elements Programme includes workshops, webinars and our more informal 'tea & talk' social learning sessions to nurture conversation and connection. We embed the practice of 'Elemental self-scanning technique', building 'Elemental maps' and drawing your blueprint for human self and action.


Focused support sessions building 'The Elemental map', exploring where effort and resource is being applied and where it is being neglected or overlooked. Where there is strength it can be built upon, where there is imbalance, there is clarity and empowerment for targeted focused action with accountability. A trusted partner for those wanting to take more time over their wellbeing and mental health.


Mental health and wellbeing at work advocate. Founder Charity Robinson shares her experience of 'burnout' at work and how the process of putting herself back together led to the innovation of 'The Elements Framework'. Bolster your events with this powerful story teller and hear what she would advise now to everyone at work. Follow insights in Grey Matters.



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